Santiago de Compostela

The LRS School is situated in the city of Santiago de Compostela, capital of the autonomous community of Galicia and declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO thanks to its monumental beauty and for being the final destination of the Way of St. James.


For more than 1000 years, the Way of St. James has driven pilgrims from all over the world to the shrine of a Christian apostle: St. James the Great.


His tomb was to become the foundation stone of the Santiago de Compostela cathedral that, from then on, would invite the tracks of hikers until it became the destination it is today with the imprint and echo of the whole of Europe.


It is therefore a tourist city in which its visitors can enjoy the great choice of gastronomic, cultural and natural delights, while also having a wide variety of beaches, ancient architecture and historical gardens on offer.


There are many unmissable areas of the beautiful natural environment that Galicia boasts, such as the Rías Baixas, Rías Altas or the Costa da Morte.


The Galician cuisine is one of the main attractions of Santiago de Compostela, something that you can enjoy at the Mercado de Abastos, the second most visited place in the city after the cathedral.


It is customary to try the Santiago cake, a sweet and traditional delicacy, preceded by plates in which molluscs or fish like hake, turbot, grouper, bass or monkfish are largely featured.

Additionally, it is well known for its popular parties, annual festivals of music, cinema or theatre, permanent and seasonal exhibitions, not to mention the Fiestas del Apóstol which was declared of International Tourist Interest.


Equally typical is the Galician beef, a famous meat to be savoured in many different ways such as barbecue, sirloin or prime rib. It is almost mandatory to enjoy the Galician cuisine along with different local wines like Ribeiro or Albariño, without forgetting the liquors or spirits that can put the final cherry on top of our gastronomic experience.


The school is in a privileged location as it is situated some 50 metres from the Santiago de Compostela cathedral, meaning that students can easily enjoy all the city’s available tourist attractions without the need to travel.