After 10 years of working experience in different teaching fields such as marketing, finance, banking, international organisations, national security, medicine, IT, fashion, elementary, secondary and high schools support, Universities and other relevant topics, LRS has developed its own effective and lasting teaching methods.


LRS will make sure that your professional and personal needs will be supported every step of the way to obtain the results designed specifically for you.

In addition to language courses, LRS also offers computing lessons to those who wish to improve their computing skills
or to learn more about a particular software.

LRS is managed by multilingue professional teacher Ms. Loren Rodriguez who will guarantee a service of the highest quality to every type of request submitted.

Please do not hesitate to contact LRS for any further information.

LRS is looking forward to meeting you in the near future.

Our Spanish courses are provided by native teachers that design their classes specifically for each student, adapting them to the individual’s level and to their professional and personal needs, so that we can ensure the student feels comfortable and confident in their environment.


At LRS we always ensure that the professional, academic and personal needs of the student are adequately followed, offering constant support for the duration of the Spanish training.